Juan Vincent – featured guest on italkparanormal.com

Dubbed as The Fastest Hour in Paranormal Talk Radio, listen in as Tamaraw Tarot designer Juan Vincent discusses tarot with host Jim Malliard on italkparanormal.com.

Elements of the Fool – a short story

Coming in March 2014, Elements of the Fool, the first short story adventure book spawned from the the Tamaraw Tarot characters. Follow The Fool as he innocently discovers and interacts with the world around him on his daily journey.
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Upcoming events and stuff..

18-Feb-2014 6:00 PM PST – Juan Vincent on the subject of tarot cards, italkparanormal.com.

A comprehensive 104 page guidebook for the Tamaraw Tarot, with images, interpretations, inspirations, symbols and meanings for each card. Available March 2014.

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The Dwende Tarot, bringing old folklore and mysteries of surrounding
forces unseen, available summer 2014:


and The Trixter Tarot, incorporating themes and playfulness of the owner of the crossroads, available summer 2014: